5 Signs You’ve Found Your True Calling

Finding your true calling can be difficult to do. A lot of people end up trying a few different careers before they eventually find the right one. For some, they have more than one true calling that is a combination of areas that they can apply their skill set to. Whether itÕs finding the perfect career, creating a business, or volunteering for an important charity, you will know when youÕve found your true calling from these five signs.

It Aligns with Your Core Values
Your true calling should be an extension of your beliefs and worldview. You work every day to create a version of the world that you imagine because by making it so, you believe that youÕll make the world and better place. This is what your true calling means to you.

It DoesnÕt Feel Like Work
Your work is no longer the slow grind that it used to be. Your work should enable you to create the lifestyle you want, which includes your work. The lines between work and fun begin to become blurred as you are continually pursuing your ideal life.

You Immerse Yourself Completely
When you’ve found your true calling, it is easy for you to become completely immersed in what you are doing and not watching the minutes tick away. Your work absorbs you, and you find yourself wishing you had more time to work. You don’t have to force work when you are doing something you love.

Your Stress Levels Decrease
To counteract the stress hormones that seem to be prevalent in a majority of people these days, it’s important to match them with a more significant amount of happy hormones. Working on something you love will naturally lower the cortisol and other stress hormones. When you find your true lifeÕs calling you will start to notice an increase in your energy levels and an overall improvement in your well-being.

You Have Better Balance in Your Life
One of the hardest things for people to accomplish is balance in life. Too many people live their lives trying to keep one step ahead of their commitments and mounting bills. When youÕve found your true calling, your work gives you the opportunity to work, live, and have fun. The lines between each overlap and you find it hard to tell the difference between them.

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