For many of us, our productivity is one of the most essential qualities that we can actively improve. Being productive means that you’ll be able to get more done, which could lead to a raise or promotion. A common misconception about productivity is that you have to work harder, take fewer breaks, and spend more time at work. However, most of the time, our productivity is ruined by the long-term habits that we hold. Here are some of the most common ways that you are sabotaging your productivity.

Attending Too Many Meetings
Meetings are nothing more than team-based productivity killers. They bring in too many people for a conversation that takes way too long, ends up going nowhere, and most likely wasn’t even necessary. If you find that you being invited to too many meetings, have an honest conversation about the appropriateness of you being included in the conference. Ask about the nature of the meeting and request an agenda so they can stay on track.

Forgetting to Set Priorities
It can be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of responsibilities and tasks. Before you know it you’ve reached the end of your day, and you still haven’t tackled the critical work. Setting and organizing priorities in advance can help you resolve this issue. With a clear priority system, you can determine which tasks demand your attention and which ones you can ignore for the moment.

Refusing to Try a New System
Many people will sabotage their productivity merely because they are so deeply ingrained in a system that they’ve always used. You have a set routine, a set system, and you’re scared to alter them because it has worked. If you want to increase your productivity, you need to experiment with new routines, processes, and make small tweaks. Eventually, you’ll find a better system that will allow you to increase your productivity.

Failing to Learn from your Mistakes
If you try an approach for a specific task and it results in you spending half your day to accomplish a relatively simple goal, then you need to try a different approach the next time you are faced with the task. Failing to learn from your mistakes will cost you precious time, and you will become doomed to continue to repeat those mistakes.

If you find that you are committing one or more of these acts of sabotage, take comfort in the knowledge that you aren’t alone. Now that you know how they affect your productivity, you can take steps to eliminate their influence on your life.

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