When the new year rolls around a lot of resolutions are made. A good idea that is often overlooked is to think about your audience and your blog. Ask yourself ?what can I do this year to make my blog more successful,? Or in other words, what can you do to get more viewers, money, etc?

Go ahead and read this list and as you are reading make notes about all the things you can take advantage of. After that, go ahead and get to work.

1. Do you have an email list for your blog, If you do not, then you need to stop everything you are doing and get this done IMMEDIATELY. An email list is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your website because it manages income, new customers, repeat customers, and literally every possible you have for growth.

2. Are you seeing a steady flow of subscribers, Even if you are, the following information could help get even more subscribers. First, put the sign-up form in ideal places such as the top of each page, the bottom of each page, and the bottom of each blog post. Also, make sure your gift or incentive that you are offering subscribers is good enough. Make it something that they are grateful for and make sure they know it.

3. Being different is okay. Human nature leaves everyone wanting to be accepted by those around them. The best way to do that it to conform to the actions of those around you. I am here to tell you that this tactic does not work when it comes to creating a successful blog. You must distinguish yourself from everyone else in your particular niche to spark interest and beat the competition.

4. Other bloggers don?t have to be the enemy. Go ahead and take a trip to some of the other websites that are in your niche. Email the owner, comment on their content, and be encouraging. It is this kind of kindness that will surprisingly pay off. They might send some support your way and turn out to be a valuable asset.

5. Variety is essential. People get tired of reading blogs all the time even if they are written about different topics. Also, many people just do not have the time to read a blog. This is precisely why you put out content that is diverse. For example, you might change up your schedule and do one post per day, two blog articles per week, and one podcast every ten days.

6. Add some pictures. Pictures capture attention and can even be the only reason a person decides to read one of your posts. So go ahead and feel free to use them in every post. Remember, the more interesting the picture, the better.

7. Interview people in your niche. An excellent way to get quite a bit of attention from new people is to interview a person in your niche. Ask them interesting questions and show that you are a friendly person. It is a win-win for you because you get new traffic and put out new information that is interesting.

8. Post some blogs on other sites. This is another tactic that will certainly get some attention. Also, the site that you are blogging for will likely do you a favor and put some content on your blog. Remember, the bigger the audience you reach, the better.

9. Choose your topics wisely. As previously mentioned it is a good idea to guest blog on some other sites. When you choose to do this make sure you pick topics that you have already covered on your blog. This is a superb idea because you will be able to talk about the topic at length. More importantly, the topic you are writing about will speak to their interests and get viewers that want to read or learn more about the topic. That is when they can be redirected to your site, which already has the information they want.

10. Keep your website open. You have probably been to a site that was just way too bogged down with all kinds of ads, tabs, etc? These sites are probably run by people that take their work very seriously, but just don?t understand that too much clutter causes the opposite of curiosity to occur inside the mind of a potential customer. Keep this in mind and remember to do a cleaning at least once a month.

11. Link new posts to old posts. This is a great tactic that gets readers to stay on your website longer. In addition to that, this tactic allows new readers to establish more interest in your works and your blog, which is great for business. Remember, always try to link to articles that share a common thread. Do NOT post an article titled ?10 foods to speed up your metabolism? and then link to an article titled ?why kangaroos can jump so high.?

12. Always keep SEO in mind. When it comes to traffic, keywords are essential so always try to come up with a very solid keyword for every article you write. It is that word that will have a lot to do with your traffic.

13. Email your list after every new post. People are on your list because they have taken an interest in you and the content that you create. So when you release a new article, make sure you inform all your subscribers. That will lead to lots of feedback and a significant number of views.

14. TOO much social media. Nobody ever tells you that you can have too much social media on your website. Think back to the point about too much clutter and too many options. When a person is presented with too many choices, they become overwhelmed. This can happen if you have an abundance of social media platforms all over your website. Find out the best platforms, keep them, and get rid of the rest. You will likely see an increase in shares.

15. Write down your ideas. When it comes to running a blog, ideas are like oxygen. You must always be ready to write one down whenever it comes to you. I would advise you to keep a small notebook that you can carry around. When the ideas start coming in, go ahead and write them down. You will definitely thank yourself later because you will have something to reference.

It is very easy to neglect your blog, which is why I advise you to pick a few of the points and apply them gradually. You will see a rapid growth in views, subscribers, and cash. After that just stay true to yourself and reference the previously mentioned points.

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