Here are 10 ways you can use immediately to get your emails opened and read starting today.

1. The ?How-to?

This strategy has been used for a long time, and it’s still very effective. It is an easy way to come up with a subject line as it reveals to your reader that you will teach them how to do something. For instance, ?How to Make $100 in Two Hours ? or ?How to Lose 3 Pounds in a Day?.

2. The Big Benefit

In your content, you have emphasized the benefits of your product over its features. To make it more appealing, identify the biggest benefit and use it in your subject line. This will likely attract your email subscribers and increase your open rate. Try it and see your open rate start skyrocketing.

3. The Numbered List

Numbers have something almost magical, especially when used in headlines and subject lines. Using a subject line such as ?Top Seven Reasons You Aren?t Losing Weight? will have a greater impact than ?Reasons You Aren?t Losing Weight.? This is because it prepares the reader on the content that follows.

4. Create Anxiety

By creating a sense of urgency, you can increase your emails open rate. For instance, ?Hurry While this Offer Lasts and Get a Free Kindle Book Today.? You can also demonstrate to them that they will lose out on a valuable offer. For instance, “Save 20% by purchasing this Kindle book today. This offer ends at midnight.”

5. Keyword Bait

If you are sending your emails to a targeted list, then you can include keywords related to their field to increase open rates. For instance, if your list is made up of bloggers, using words like SEO, conversion rates, search engine, and Google algorithms in your subject lines will trigger your readers to open your emails.

6. Story Starters

Everyone loves stories and having a subject line that introduces a story will make people open your emails. For instance “In the course of doing my morning chores, I noticed something different with my?.? This will bait your readers to open your emails so as to read more.

7. The Eyebrow Raiser

If you can come up with an intriguing subject line that will raise your readers? eyebrows, then you will have won them over and they will open your email. For example, ?Why Chia Seeds are The New Weight Loss Pills? or ?5 Foods That Can Make You Lose Weight in 3 weeks.?

8. The Curiosity Raiser

This is where you are not telling your readers anything in the subject line, yet you spark curiosity for them to open your email. For instance, ?This is B.S!? ?What was I thinking,? ?Never Again!? etc.

9. Ask a Question

A question compels a reader to think and look for answers. For instance, ?Is he the right partner for you,? ?Would paid searches improve your search engine rankings,?

10. Discover Astounding Secrets

Using words that evoke curiosity does wonders for your open rates – words like secrets, astonishing, amazing, and discover.

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