If you’ve ever used video on your website or blog before, you probably know that many people prefer this format over long, drawn out blog posts. Most people are just too busy to read an entire post, but they’ll happily watch your video while they’re doing other things. A Periscope live broadcast is similar to pre-recorded video because your followers can view it again and again during the 24 hours that it’s on the app, but it’s also more powerful than a planned out, pre-recorded video. Here is why a Periscope live broadcast is more powerful than regular video.

It’s real time and real life

Have you ever watched a video and thought to yourself that the person in it just looked too rehearsed and even fake, With live video, there’s no hiding small mistakes and quirks that make the broadcaster more human, and audiences love this. In fact, many people are just waiting for something funny or unexpected to happen, and they’re drawn to live broadcasts for this reason. You just never know what you’re going to get with a live broadcast, and that can be a lot of fun for both the broadcaster and the audience.

You can interact with your audience in a live broadcast

Thanks to the fact that Periscope allows viewers to comment and ask questions during the live broadcast, you can interact with those viewers by answering their questions live. This makes the broadcast more personal and relevant, since information in a pre-recorded video may be out of date or obsolete by the time your viewers see it later.

Periscope live streaming is easier than recording and uploading a video

All you need to connect with your audience is a smartphone and the Periscope live streaming app. Press record, and you are live, potentially in front of thousands of people. Once the broadcast has finished, you can choose to save the video to your phone and upload it to other platforms later on, or just let it exist on Periscope for 24 hours, after which it is deleted.

It makes live broadcasting and video recording simple enough for almost anyone to manage, and can save you a great deal of time and hassle. Plus, you can broadcast from anywhere, at any time. Want to send out a scope from the beach, Just grab your phone and make it happen. Need to share breaking news, but you’re not in the office, Periscope makes it possible to share anything, effortlessly.

Recorded video will always have its merits, but live broadcasts will always be more engaging and powerful. Take advantage of this by using the free Periscope app to grow your business easily.

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