Periscope broadcasts, or scopes, are a great way to engage with your audience, build authority and grow your following. The beauty of the platform is its versatility; you can do many different types of videos and still get your message across. Here are three types of scope you can use to boost your business and grow your audience.

The private scope

Normally, it’s advisable to always make your scopes public so that as many people as possible will see them. If you choose to make your scope private, you can choose select individuals from your followers who will be able to view the broadcast. This is great if you want to offer a special class or webinar to your list, or if you want to offer a paid broadcast to a select group of individuals. While Periscope doesn’t offer a way to collect viewing fees (it’s a completely free platform), you could charge the fees in advance and accept a limited number of viewers.

The exclusivity of this type of scope can make it very attractive to your followers, and you can even save the videos to bundle up and sell later on, or use them as an incentive for people to join you list.

The product review scope

While there’s no way to directly place an affiliate link in your Periscope broadcast, you can have a link in your profile. This opens up the door to all kinds of possibilities, including earning from affiliate links placed on your website.

The key to success with product review scopes is to choose items you can be interactive with, or that you are passionate about. Give a detailed review and show how the item works, if it’s a physical product, or explain why it is such a good product for your audience if it is an information product.

Be sure to clearly label your scope title with the product name, and use hashtags to help people find it. Use the exact same title on your website or blog where you place your affiliate links. After 24 hours Periscope deletes every video, so be sure to save a copy to your phone so you can place it with the affiliate link and written post. This gives visitors even more information about the product and may just boost sales long after the broadcast has been removed from the platform.

The question and answer scope

This is a great scope for any niche because it can help you quickly establish yourself as an authority, as long as you know your niche very well. In a Q&A scope you simply ask questions from your audience and answer them live during the broadcast. If you are worried you won’t have enough viewers, consider asking your list for their questions ahead of time and read them out on the air. This way, you’ll still have questions to answer and quality information to provide to your viewers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using Periscope to grow your business. Get creative and use this great platform to boost your business in new and exciting ways.

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