Getting your content shared on social media will provide a nice traffic boost for your website. But what kind of content will get the most shares? Would it be articles? Blog posts? eBooks? Scroll down to find out!

1. Interactive content

Interactive content includes polls and quizzes. People love answering these and then sharing their results with their fans and followers.

If you’re selling jewelry on your eCommerce site, you can create a short quiz so your audience can determine what kind of jewelry they are.

Then make it easy for them to share their results on social media. This will help you build your brand and get more people over to your website.

2. High-quality images

When posting images on social media, make sure you choose high-quality ones. Try to avoid stock photos if you can.

Using original and authentic images that portray your brand or business in action is always a great idea. It gives your potential leads and customers insight into your business.

3. Infographics

People love infographics. They are usually visually pleasing and easy enough to understand. People don’t need to read through a few thousand words and get bored in the process. They can just scan your infographic and retain information from it.

4. Captivating videos

Uploading videos to social media is always a great idea. It gives people a clearer picture of who you are and what you can do for them.

Another rising star in many social media platforms is live video. Many social media apps allow its users to record live videos and their fans and followers will receive a notification that they’re running a live video.

If you want to let people know about your latest blog post, don’t be shy. Go live and tell people to visit your site!

5. Listicles

Listicles are a list of things that are presented in an article. For example, “The top 10 things to do in London” or “5 things you should add to your bucket list.”

People love sharing these types of content because they’re easy enough to read. It’s presented in a way that allows people to easily retain information.

If you add high-quality images to your listicles, people are going to appreciate you even more.

Chances are they’d be more likely to share your listicle with their friends, so don’t forget to add a link to your website so people can check you out!

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