Periscope is a great platform for doing product reviews because it makes doing a video product review very easy. Your video product review can be broadcast live and then saved to your phone to upload later to your own website, giving you much more mileage out of each video. Here are some tips to make your product reviews on Periscope really stand out.

Reviewing physical products

Periscope is a great platform for promoting physical products. You can demonstrate how the products work, show their benefits and drawbacks, and you can establish a sense of trust with your viewers. Don’t be afraid to talk about the negatives for the products that you are reviewing. You don’t want to come across as phony and pushy. If you absolutely love the product, show why you love it, but don’t try to sound like a late night infomercial.

Be sure to clearly show the product you are reviewing, and try to make the audience engage with you. Don’t simply stand in one spot and talk about the product, invite viewers to ask questions and demonstrate the answer whenever possible.

Reviewing information products

Physical products aren’t the only ones you can successfully review on Periscope. If you plan ahead, you can do great reviews of infoproducts as well. Try to take screenshots of any relevant information you want to share with your audience and refer to these, since you won’t have an actual product to showcase.

If you can, interview the creator of the product, or someone who has used the product if you haven’t used it yourself. Be careful not to push too many products you haven’t used personally because you may not be able to answer your viewers’ questions. If you haven’t actually used the product, be clear about that in your review, but do allude to what others have said and whether or not you’ve used products by the person who created the product in the past.

Book reviews

This is a great way to promote your own books or books as an affiliate. If possible, have a copy of the book in hand to show your viewers. If you can, try to find an interesting location to do the review. The last thing you want is a dry, boring book review, so try to make it interesting. Be sure to ask your viewers to share their opinions of the book and reply to their comments as appropriate.

All reviews

Remember to reference your website or blog at the end of every video. This way your viewers can simply click on the link in your profile and visit your site to get more information about the products you have reviewed. You can also save your broadcast and add it to your site later on to give future visitors a great review to help them decide whether or not to buy the product.

Try to inject personality and fun into every review. People will just tune out if they’re not being entertained and informed, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your video reviews on Periscope.

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