If you are a Kindle author, you may wonder how a live streaming video app can possibly help you sell more books. In reality, the app can be very useful for Kindle authors in several different ways. Here are some of the ways Periscope can help Kindle authors.

Do video book reviews

If you want to engage your audience, they need to know what your book is all about. You can film your own video book review of your book, or have your followers do their own video reviews on Periscope, then post them on Amazon. This can help them convey their enthusiasm and excitement about your book, and help you earn more sales.

Do live streaming from actual locations in your book

Nothing helps your readers feel like they’re “in the book” more than actually showing them the locations in the book. If your locations are fictional places, why not show off the places that inspired you, This helps your readers feel more involved with the story and can help boost your sales when curious viewers go check out your book online.

Host video book clubs with other authors

This can be a great way for authors to cross promote. You host an author, or their book, on your Periscope video, giving it a review and telling your followers where they can get a copy. The other author does the same for you, and you both benefit. Make sure you’ve actually read the book you are reviewing, so you can give an honest and accurate review.

You can also host video book clubs with your followers. Simply create a hashtag from the title of the book you are all reading, and create your own reviews. Your followers can ask questions in the comment boxes, and you will answer them live on video. Make sure you share your videos on your website and social media after broadcasting so you’ll get more mileage from each virtual “chat” about the books.

Do live readings from your Kindle book

Let your followers know that you’ll be reading a chapter or portion of your Kindle ebook live on Periscope, and offer to answer questions about it. This can be a fun way for your fans to interact, and it will allow curious viewers to learn more about the book so they can decide whether or not to buy it. If you want to really make it engaging, act out scenes from the book as you read. It’s free entertainment for your followers, and a fun way to get more sales.

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