In the world of Periscope, your broadcast is called a “scope.” In order to get lots of views, comments and hearts, you need to have broadcasts that are appealing, unique and attention-grabbing. Here’s what you need to know to make your scope stand out in a sea of other videos.

Start with a catchy opening scene

Before you hit the broadcast button, aim your camera at something fascinating, funny or inspiring. Let this be the thing that greets your viewers, then let it be your virtual calling card. Once people get used to seeing your quirky image, they’ll look for it in their list of available scopes to watch.

Get a grasp on multi-tasking

You need to be able to speak confidently and read comments at the same time, plus you need to be able to answer those comments without losing the flow of your broadcast. This may take some practice, and if you can’t get the hang of it, just let viewers know you’ll be able to take questions at the end of the broadcast, or invite them to email their questions to you. This will make you look smooth and polished, so you’ll stand out against the amateurs.

Get outside

Desks are boring. Take your viewers on a tour of your neighborhood, your favorite restaurant or even your favorite theme park, as long as you can relate it to your topic and your niche. Voyeurism is part of the attraction of live streaming, so make your audience feel as though they are right there with you, and they will come back to view your scopes again and again.

Use catchy titles

When it comes to putting a title on your scope, you can either be straightforward and clear or slightly mysterious and unusual. Use hashtags to get more attention for your titles, and use emoticons to make the title stand out in the list of available videos.

Watch what successful scopers are doing, and emulate them

Periscope lists the top Scopers so you can watch their videos and see how it’s done. Look at their style, their settings and their subject matters, and see how much of that you can tailor to your own niche. Don’t set out to just copy their videos, but do see what they are doing right, and try to incorporate that into your own scopes.

Have fun with it

The more fun you make your scopes, the better your viewers’ experience will be. Have fun with the platform, and enjoy connecting with those who share your love of your niche.

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