The Periscope live streaming app is more than just a great video streaming app; it’s also a powerful tool to help you grow your list. Here’s how to leverage Periscope to grow your list.

Put a link to your signup form in your profile

Many people ignore their Periscope profile, but that’s a big mistake. While the app does pull information from your Twitter account to create your initial profile, you don’t want to leave it that way. Make sure your Periscope profile offers a good glimpse at what your followers can expect from your videos, and be sure to link back to your website or signup form so they can sign up for email updates from you.

By cross promoting your website on your Periscope profile, you can get free organic traffic and grow your list at the same time.

Be sure to avoid the hard sell

Don’t spend every minute of your broadcast selling yourself or your products, but do tell people to check out the link in your profile to sign up to your mailing list. Make this a habit for every broadcast, and people will eventually do just what you’re asking them to. Just make sure your videos are useful and engaging, so they’ll have a reason to sign up and get more information from you.

Encourage interaction on Periscope

Encourage viewers to ask questions during your broadcast, and answer them as helpfully as possible. Building trust and authority on the Periscope platform can directly lead to Periscope followers joining your list because they’ll want to know more. You could even create a video teaser just for Periscope, offering part of a product or solution during the video, then advising viewers to join your list for additional solutions or information. Just make sure the video isn’t just “bait” to get them to sign up. Always aim to provide quality in every video, regardless of whether your followers join your list or not.

Share your videos on your website

Periscope allows you to save your videos to your phone after you’ve recorded them, and they also leave them on the app for 24 hours. Devote a page on your website to the best of your videos, so you can build your authority and encourage people who visit your site to join your mailing list. Once they see you being helpful and knowledgeable on video, they’ll be more likely to join your list.

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