Periscope can be an amazing tool for growing your business, but only if you use it correctly. Here are some simple tips to make sure give a great broadcast on Periscope and make the biggest impact possible on your business.

Start with your profile

Make sure that you fill out your profile completely, and don’t forget a link to your website. You can then refer to the link in your broadcast and encourage people to visit your website and sign up for updates.

Switch your phone to airplane mode before a broadcast

If your phone rings, it will stop your broadcast temporarily, so be prepared and you’ll never be interrupted by an unexpected call.

Make titles catchy and relevant

Whether you opt for a straightforward title like “Taking a tour of my office,” or a more mysterious one, like “The Secret of My Success,” make sure they stand out by using emojis and symbols.

Keep it short and sweet

People on the internet have incredibly short attention spans, so keep your first few broadcasts fairly short, around five minutes or less. This is not a hard and fast rule, because some subjects are fascinating enough to talk about for longer. Just use your best judgment and try not to bore your viewers.

You don’t have to show your face

If you are camera-shy, try doing a scope (that’s slang for Periscope broadcast) that showcases your favorite places to work or play. Talk about what you’re showing your audience and why it’s important to you. Or, show them the process you go through to do your job, whether it’s writing a book or building a physical object. Speak clearly and make sure you vary your vocal tone so you don’t bore your viewers.

If you do show your face, try to relax

Just as with any other video format, you’ll need to try and look like you’re enjoying the experience. If you look happy and relaxed, your audience will feel relaxed, too. If you look nervous and anxious, your followers will feel this, and may be put off by it.

Learn to multi-task

If you plan on answering questions from your comments, you need to be able to read the questions, answer them succinctly, and not lose your train of thought. This might be tricky at first, and if you start talking and then stop mid-sentence to answer a question, you could look unprofessional. Instead, let viewers know you’ll answer questions at the end, or simply set aside time for just a question and answer session.

Let your personality shine through

Take your viewers to your favorite places, show them your non-business hobbies and lifestyle, and share events like trips and concerts with them. This will help build a personal relationship and have your viewers coming back for more.

Encourage interaction

Encourage your followers to comment and visit your blog, but return the favor. In fact, the more people you follow and interact with, the more likely it will be that your own audience will grow. Give hearts when you like the scopes you watch, and your followers will do the same.

Share the recordings in other places

Videos are kept on the Periscope platform for 24 hours, so be sure to save them to your phone and share them across other social media platforms and your blog. Then, you can refer back to them in future scopes so new followers can check them out and stay up to speed.

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