Periscope is quickly becoming the hottest place to go to grow your business or boost your following. If you don’t already have a steady following on the live streaming app, don’t worry. You can grow your list of followers and boost your business. Here’s how to boost your Periscope following organically.

Always label your broadcasts

People want to know what they’re about to watch, so make sure you describe your broadcast briefly and make it appealing. Use emoticons to make the title stand out, and try to keep it short and sweet, but compelling. You may have to play around with your titles to find the best method for you, but you can take a look at some of Periscope’s most popular videos to see how they do it.

Make your broadcasts interesting and relevant

Don’t be stiff or read from a script. It’s okay to make a few mistakes, but try to avoid using fillers such as “um” throughout the entire broadcast. It’s okay to do a few trial runs without actually recording or broadcasting, so you can feel comfortable.

Stick to information that’s relevant to your target audience or brand. Don’t try to attract parents by talking about how great it is to be childless. Also, try to make the broadcast interesting by adding in anecdotes or interviewing someone with a fun personality. Most viewers will click away after only a few seconds if your video is too dry and boring, so keep this in mind when broadcasting.

Interact with the viewers

When viewers comment, you’ll see it on your screen. Take the time to try and comment back by answering questions or just saying “hi.” You’ll also see little hearts, if you’re lucky. These are the Periscope equivalent of “likes,” and the more you get, the better. Thank people for liking you, but don’t beg for hearts. Just be friendly and open, and they’ll come naturally.

Let people know you’ll be broadcasting

You can choose to send a Tweet when your broadcast begins, so that any of your Twitter followers who don’t receive Periscope notifications can join in and watch your broadcast. This will also remind your Twitter followers that you are on Periscope, so they can follow you there, too.

Make a point to post on any other social media platforms to let your followers there know that you’ll be broadcasting, so they can watch and comment if they want to.

Follow other users and interact with their broadcasts

Just like with any other social media platform, the more you interact, the bigger your following will become. Interact with other Periscope users in your niche, comment on their posts and follow them on the app. Many will return the favor, boosting your following when they do so.

Don’t forget to remind people to watch the rebroadcasts if they missed the originals, and save your videos to use on your own website. Include a link to your Periscope profile so future viewers who stumble upon the video can follow you, too.

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