Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming video app that has become hugely popular since its release in early 2015. Marketers are flocking to the app, but few know how to really monetize it to make the most money. Here’s how to use Periscope to boost your affiliate marketing income.

Choose your product

Start by choosing the product you want to promote and plan your video broadcast. If you are promoting a physical product, consider doing a product demonstration live on Periscope. If you are promoting an information product, discuss the benefits and answer questions that your viewers have.

Broadcast your Scope

For selling physical products, nothing beats a live demonstration. You can do these from home or from random fun locations in your area. Try to make the demonstration as fun and engaging as possible, and be sure to put the product name in the title of your broadcast.

For informational products, consider interviewing the creator or simply having a Q&A session so your followers can ask you about the product. Be prepared to offer some specific examples of how the product will help your audience, and show screenshots or images, if possible.

Direct viewers to your site

Before you ever broadcast your scope, create a blog post on your website devoted to the product you are promoting. Include your affiliate links, and be sure to clearly label the post with the same title that you will use on your Periscope broadcast, and use hashtags to get plenty of attention.

At the end of your broadcast, direct your viewers to visit your website, and make sure you have the website linked in your Periscope profile. This way, they can go from watching your demonstration to your website, where they’ll get a review of what they’ve just seen and a chance to buy through your affiliate links.

Put your links in your Tweets

Because you can choose to send a tweet to notify your Twitter followers that you’re about to do a broadcast, you can also advise your followers to look for a link to the affiliate product in your latest tweets. Send out a tweet with a link in it, and don’t forget to use the same hashtags you used in your scope title and post title.

It might seem like a little more effort to use Periscope for affiliate marketing, but it has the potential to be a very powerful tool. People love to connect and trust in you before they spend their money. Periscope lets you share your knowledge of the products that they are looking for, and it will help you build your authority while you earn those affiliate sales.

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