Periscope is a fairly new platform for social media, but already people are going to the app in droves. The live streaming app, which is completely free to use, has a huge number of benefits, but it also has some annoying features. Here are three annoying things about Periscope, and how you can fix them.

Too many notifications

For those who follow a large number of people, it can be annoying when several of them scope throughout the day. If you can’t stand seeing all the notifications in your inbox, you can simply turn them off and later search the list of people you follow to see if they’ve put out a scope within the past 24 hours.

Since you can’t really turn off the notifications that you send (they automatically go out when you begin a broadcast) you may want to rely on other social media networks to get in touch with those followers who don’t use their notifications (because they don’t want to be overwhelmed by them.) The app lets you notify your Twitter followers immediately upon beginning a broadcast, but with planning, you could simply post a message to all of your relevant social media platforms and tell your followers what time you’ll be scoping.

Too many viewers blocks comments

When you scope, if your broadcast gets too many viewers the app will block all but the first 100 users. This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. If you find it difficult to reply to 100 commenters while scoping, it may be a relief to know you only have a hundred people to communicate with.

However, if you don’t want to miss any important questions, it can seem like a hindrance. There are workarounds. If your followers click on a comment and choose to reply, they can delete the original commenter’s username and claim the comment box as their own. Or, they can simply exit and re-enter repeatedly until the “broadcast too full” message is no longer showing.

Your scopes disappear after 24 hours

Imagine that you’ve just given the best broadcast in your life, and it’s the middle of the week and none of your followers have time to go watch it. Instead of letting it fade away into oblivion, save the video to your phone and put it up on your own website on a page devoted to your scopes. This is great for many reasons, because it lets your followers catch posts if they are too busy to watch them in the 24 hour time frame. Plus, it lets you draw in new followers as people stumble across your scopes on your website.

It may not be the perfect social media platform for everyone, but Periscope is definitely worth trying for your own business.

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