Periscope is famous for offering an easy platform for live streaming, but you can also save your videos and use them in other ways, too. After 24 hours, Periscope deletes your videos, but if you save them to your phone, you can keep them and reuse them any way you want. Here are five ways you can use these “old” videos to help your business grow.

Use them as content for your blog

Put up a video blog post and add some text to go along with it. This gives your blog visitors something interesting to watch and saves you coming up with a new idea for a blog post each time. Be sure to add plenty of text so the post gives your visitors a full and engaging experience, and encourage comments if appropriate.

Use them to promote affiliate products

In order to use Periscope videos for affiliate marketing, you’ll need to refer viewers to a link so they can buy the product. Usually, this will be the blog or website listed in your Periscope profile. Why not add the video to the page or post that contains the affiliate links, This way, new visitors can see exactly what you’re promoting, and it’s like getting extra content with no extra effort, since the video is already done.

Use them to grow your list

Make one or more really great Periscope videos that solve a problem for the people in your niche. Then, bundle them up and use them as an opt-in gift for future subscribers. Video is valuable, and people appreciate free help solving their problems. This will also help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and instill confidence in your subscribers.

Use them to do book readings

If you are an author, it can be hard to schedule readings in actual bookstores, but with Periscope, you can just record yourself reading a short passage from your book and take questions from your followers. Then, you can share the video with every social media platform, gaining more exposure for your book.

Use them to create a mini course

Broadcast one new lesson every day or every few days, and make sure you take questions from the viewers. Answer the questions in the video, and save each video after the broadcast. Write up any additional explanatory information, and bundle the text and the videos as a “how-to” mini course that you can sell or give away to grow your list. This lets you leverage the excitement of the live broadcast with the practicality of having the entire group of videos to refer back to when your followers want to attempt the materials in the course for themselves.

Get creative. There are plenty of great ways to use your old Periscope videos, you just have to figure out what’s going to work best for your business and try it.

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