For authors, Periscope’s live streaming isn’t just great for plugging your books. Sure, it can get lots of attention for your work, but it also has a few other uses you shouldn’t ignore. Here are three smart uses for Periscope that authors need to consider.


There’s no better way to give the people what they want than to simply ask them what it is that they want. In other words, bounce ideas off of your viewers via Periscope. Find out if they want new characters added to your next book, or more fight scenes. If you’re willing to cater to your viewers, Periscope can help you find out what it is they want.

If you have writer’s block, it’s also a good way to get suggestions for writing prompts from your viewers. Don’t forget that Periscope can also be a good place to get feedback on book covers, too.

Announce new releases or pre-orders

Instead of just putting this information on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, why not broadcast the announcement on Periscope, Get people interested by telling them that you’ll have a special announcement on Periscope, then give the date and time. Make it intriguing, and use a hashtag such as #secret or #announcement. Or, make up your own hashtag related to the announcement, and spread it around other social media platforms to build excitement.

Discounts and exclusive offers

Periscope is a great place to give your followers access to special offers and discounts. You can share “secret” discount codes for your book with your Periscope followers, and then let the videos be available for replay for the 24 hour period following the broadcast. If your followers don’t watch within 24 hours, they’ll miss the discount codes.

You can also use the platform for giveaways and other exclusive offers. Be sure to explain how your viewers can access these once they’ve finished watching the video, and promote the scope with appropriate hashtags like #giveaway or #freebies.

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